18 March 2009

Vhere's the paaaartay yaaaaaar?

Day 4/5: Went to Bow's place for breakfast and got the much required clothes.

For breakfast we had the following: thosa, onion-tomato chutney, potato varuval, lentil powder mix (with garlic), rice & rasam.

Sneaked in a couple of smokes, Bow & San freshened up. Split (for the first time) to go to commercial street, and me home to feed the dog.

Food @ commercials: Raj kachori, bhel puri, masala pepsi (2-San), Masal guava. Met up with Asra there & some MAC shopping.

Then to Indi Joe, for free ladies night drinks where we had the following drinks:

Bow: Melon coolers, 2 cosmos, long beach island tea
San: Long island ice tea, lynchberg lemonade, cosmo
Sabi: Capriosjkas, melon cooler
Asra: Strawberry declathon, melon coolers, mangotini
.............................................................accompanied by Mexican bean nachos.

Then headed out to X-treme sports bar for some karaoking. However due to a very happening and loud private party(where's the party yaar?), we were unable to tick it off the list.

More beer (kingfisher & fosters & tequila shots)- San, Sabi (fosters, teq shots), Bhav (breezer & teq shots), Asra (breezer).

We discovered we left our shopping at Indi's and then we told them to hold it. Got the auto & got the bags, and then tried to get Mc Dees (indian accent) but it was closed. Wanted to take pic at the fountain, but it was closed too. So san took a foot dip instead, walked around the place and got yet another auto.

Ordered dinner : Naan, chicken masala, ghee rice, lotsa lollypop chicken, raita- and mutton biryani (hemanth).

I need to stop writing now because I passed out after this point.
Sooooo at this point with one of our crew down..we recruited another one..fideluuu had a good playing session as San and I chased him around and tired him out...though we were quite the buzzed as the tequila was kickin in, we decided hey lets watch hell's kitchen in ***'s room!! when lo and behold after making ourselves verrrry comfortable we realised oooops the computer was in use...just that the user wasn't in the room! which by the way scared the shit out of us the previous day when we watchin lost on the flat screen computer and the mouse started moving around on its own...anyways we seemed to have interupted a chattin session which threw us off guard..and after several attempts to explain to the user that there was some yummmmy muttoon biryni waiting at home, we hastily vacated the room and thought of several ways to excuse our intrusion!! We finally gave up and decided that it was time to pass out...

*** refers to Hemanth, where applicable.
- Bhav

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