31 March 2009

Goa (2nd Day)

Day 2: 21-22nd March

20:00 Drove by at the shop who's name we forgot to take down, got some Royal Stag for San and myself (atleast that what I think it was, I just realized I don't know what Bow bought). Sripad & Bow got themselves Mansion House. Got to Baga, where most of the night life is centered I am told. We parked the car, and spent probably the longest time people would spend in a parked car, drinking & chatting. We finally got out of the car, and took a walk along the streets of Baaga which were so beautifully lit by lights.

21:30 I'm not really sure anymore how we ended up in Lime Light, waitor was Ashley. Got some fish fingers, chips, yummy yummy chilly sauce & beers. Sat down to get some light dinner, and what have you on the tele, but the Man U vs Fullham game. Needless to say, the best of us needed the drink from the car after the end of that game, the beers were just not doing it anymore. I remember Sripad, doing his thing, struck a conversation with someone from Manchester who claimed one of the footballers visit the pub he's at all the time. And ofcourse the men & San hit it off with the football talk, while Bow and I busied ourselves with matters close to the heart. We then headed over to Mambos, although I think it was Bhav and myself that went walking off first, while the other two finished off the bottle.

23:00 This is where things get slightly fuzzy, for me anyhow. So we had another round of beer (courtesy San), and then went dancing. I remember seeing crazy cat woman (will try and put up a pic here some time), all she was missing was a whip. And then for the rest of the night, I remember dancing and dancing and dacing. I will not recount the embarassing moments shared by us, but I will tell ya that we had a round of teq shots (San again) & Sripad eventually became the sole proprietor of all our bags. And did I forget to mention, we had some pics, some videos & a lot of fun. We did have a surprise visit from Ashley, Ashley D' Silva was it or did he Ashley Cole ;)

02:30 So by this point, I'm spent out. And as you will notice there's a pattern in my blog posts, where the end of the night involves me passing out. This is no different night. We walked away from Mambos (did I tell you they were holding some Ms India thing at Titos where the cute owner of Casa Praia was hanging out- sigh). So off to find food. Verdict: YUMMMMMMY.

The Curry House

San: Cheese naan & Garlic prawns.
Bow: Cheese garlic naan & Cheese garlic mash potatoes.
Sripad: Masala chicken & Rice.
Sabi: Goan fish curry & Rice.

I don't remember drinking more beer, but the pictures show a bottle of KF in them. So I'm guessing we had some. I know I didn't, because I passed out till the food came, ate the food, and then passed out, slept on the way back in the car, got off the car & crawled into bed.

11:00 Woke up, got ready. Not quite hung over, not quite there either. While the girls showered, went shopping with Sripad, bought a 5 litre bottle of water, which we forgot to buy when we got beers, got some ice cream, my bikini & shades. Put some sunblock on, (some of us more than others- hint) and headed out to Baga beach.

13:00 Baga beach. Miles of beach sand, shore line and the beach. It was super hot, so we hung out in the shade. It was a Sunday and we treated it like Sunday.

San: Garlic cheese naan & Fish caldin with Kingfisher.
Bow: Talgennie(mushroom & cheese pasta) with lemon soda.
Sripad: Goan pork sausages & Rice with Kingfisher.
Sabi: Goan pork sausages, Pork Vindaloo & Rice with lemon soda.

Rolled over to Roseal Shack, got a comfy sleepy chair, brought out our books. San & Sripad opted to have more beer, Bow & I opted to get some breezers instead. After all the food we had, don't think we drank it too fast. Lazing in the sun is an amazing stress buster, the menu flying into Sripads face with a nice noise on impact is another stress buster. From where we sat, we noticed several things :the beach is really swarming with foreigners. Children can be hired to massage you on the sunbed. Lying on the sunbed high noon, is one sure way of burning your skin to a crisp, painful red.

17:00 Bow & I made it to the beach, while the other two opted to stay at the shack. We wadded out into the red flag areas and then got whistled into the herd pool. And here, a conglomeration of men in undies, wet and stalker-ish. We fought the waves, cautiously, keeping an eye out for the creepy crawlies. As it began to cool down, we met San & Sripad to return to Burritos for some desset & sunset.

18:00 Watched sunset by the beach, with the following accompaniments (after waiting f-o-r-e-v-e-r to be served!)

San: Chocolate walnut mousse
Bow: Blueberry Cheese cake
Sripad: Tiramisu
Sabi: Apple cinnamon cheese cake

19:00 Got back into the car, we had to return it soon, drove back to Candolim. Returned the empty bottles of beer from the fridge (all that time spent getting ready to go out, better spent drinking beer and cheersing to the fact that we were in GOA), and restocked on some more Kingfisher, Mansion House & Coffee. Said bye bye to the trusty Wagon-R. Showered, had some more beer. I remember taking a quick nap, last night in Goa did not want to fall asleep. Had a conversation with Sripad on the state of world affairs, while the other two got ready for a walk around Candolim.

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