17 January 2008

the rainbow serpent decided to through the plains of the dessert.
When she went outside the hole she found cold ice all over.

Shivering in the heat of the ice, she found refuge under a big giant rock.
'how could she survive this turbulent sun', she screamed insider her head.

And just when she was giving up home.. and bleeding all over the desert ice,
she found an isolated spot. Deep in the cracks,
of the igloo home she lived in at that point of
time.... lay a solitary space.

that smelt the delicious smell of earth. Pure earth,
motherland-womb and cocoomb.... she ran into the space in a speed that
only the blood in her veins could compete with.

In an orgasm of emotions, she made it to the spot
, and then she died in a dream that
resulted in this musky rainbow world.

A dream of hope and mushy swamps, of


and the

hate it follows.

Had she knwn her secret

spot of earth, in a snow

covered sweaty world of heat..

would result to this

life and




would she have rather bled to death?

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