02 February 2007


Another loong week has come to an end... Each week gets longer than the one before, and each day becomes shorter.. and they diffuse past definitions, swallowing time and spitting out messy concotion of memories, emotions n facts.

As water to a patch of dry caked mud, thirsty yet unwilling to absorb: time tinkers with the little signposts, loosing meanings so hard fought to be kept, yet too easily lost. If change were to be the only constant in life, then the lack of movement thereof implies stagnation.

Yet we hold on to all those things that we have already lost, imitating a snapshots from lives past. Substituting happiness with the memory of happiness: But need everything in the past be buried..

As even the dead breed life, as we say goodbye merely in the anticipation of saying hello soon, and while life moves on, it's tied to you and the people around you by a thread so thin, it's hard to notice, yet as time tugs at ur body, the thread keeps u whole.

If when together, time moves fast, when alone it's a blink... cause your eyes remain closed the whole time.

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