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She isn't crying till the cows come running home.

ha ha i dunno why but that sentence got stuck in my head.

But yea.. we had an interesting class, yet again.. relating to women in conflict situations and i mean i knew tht life was unfair bt well.. it didn't strike me until.. well,

i thought, think of rape think of virginity
think of woman as the nation, and think soldiers coming in right, to conquer and rape the land. And the way they rape women from the other side, whilst they advance into the nation they are hoping to conquer. Impregnate her with their spawn whilst the men folk are out fighting the battle in which they might die. But she lives, and 9 months later out pops the child from the enemy.
Her nation might have won, she's lost.
Because she's got a baby from another, she's the spawner of the enemy's child. If her husband came back, he'd leave her because she's been touched by the other. And if he died she's alone. Either ways shes alone. Wars in developing countries mean a woman lacks the education to earn the money she needs to survive. So where does that leave her?

Hungry for money she finds alternatives. In a society where virginity is holy, and the husband is God, she's ostracized. And that leaves her a Leper. A leper is only treated human in a leper colony. And what do u knw, sex isn't a cheap thing to provide.

And who's fault is it that she leads a life of immorality? WHo decides war? We celebrate those who die at war bt what about those who live and bear the wounds of war openly? We judge them by the standards in which we want to live our lives. When a woman gets raped, it's wrong. But even then it's her fault. She's tainted, impure and mentally instituitionalized as a rape victim. he nation recovers but what about those who loose their lives, not in death but in life itself,? Can money solve it?

Rape the woman and u rape the nation.

What happens to deserters when they leave their army.. they're court marshalled and in various time epchs put to death.
So will u put a rapist to death?

What of the child born a bastard? the son of a father who raped his mother. Will his hybridity mean he's tainted too?

What is war really? Maybe we need to rethink war, as an everyday battle eventually declared when a crazy man's at the presidential seat. Battles where no one wins, and everybody looses just a little bit of their humanity.


S. Baldrick said…
Hear the words I sing,
War is a horrid thing,
So I sing, sing, sing


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