05 May 2006

My Indian Trip Home

Indian magoes... yummmmmmmmmm

Waxing in India: cheeeeep

Waxing itself: hurts big time, and bleeds.. bt smooth skin

Indian weddings: huuuuge waste of 2 days.. shld start and stop at the reception

Indian wedding choultries(if a word like that exists): fun fun fun.. like camping indoors with generations and generations of family members under the same roof, cramped up space with a mad rush for the only bathroom half an hour before the next round of functions begins

Bangalore: crowded, conjested, dusty (left my handphone by the window at night, wake up in the morning to find it covered with a film of red sandy earth).. no point becoming such a big city if those who've always been here no longer feel that this place can be their home

Cofee Day: yummm tropical iceberg

Indian Handphone System: U SUCK

Bagalorean drivers: kick ass

Bangalorean Roads: we spent how many millions on the Ring Road again? Three years down the lane, the pride of Bangalore's infastructure has just become another sign of Indian (in) efficiency.. pot holes and rough roads.. not to mention the big block of stones that a car had rammed into on our way back from the wedding.. they were dropped right in the middle of the dammed road.. like any driver would be able to see them without street lights..

Life in India: as a friend says.. ppl earn lakhs a month, have nice cars, have lotsa cars, belong to clubs.. go clubbing and gripe when they get shut down so early, have a couple of maids.. so they don't have to pick up the sponge when it falls on the floor, nannies aged ten or eleven to take care of their toddlers.. one for each toddler... down the lane there are ppl who struggle to get hundreds in their pockets, contemplate stealing, devise huge scams in their heads on how to rob the rich then end up lacking the balls and going to the temple to pray for money..

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