08 May 2006


What if

u never came my way
u never told me the things you did
i wouldn't hurt now

and if u said

it was too late when we began
and then u said let's stop
then i would be happier each day


the lemmings come to the ocean too soon
and they jump in
and stop existing

who is there,

to remember them but those who know
and to those who don't we never were
but for u and I

we lived.

we won't for long though.

we were

we won't for too long though.

So u sit by the ocean whilst the sun comes down,
While I think of the lineage continuing
But we aren't... while we were... together.
Not forever.


Darth Mullethead said...

The ANGST! is strong with this one.

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Cute Leprechaun.. *hai hai* said...

What beautiful prose... so beautiful, in fact, that it induced bowel movements in me.

*plop plop*

Oops, the buggers slipped out before i could get to the loo.

... That's the power of beautiful prose.

Anonymous said...

>< 0_o ^..^