02 March 2006


What is on my mind right now? I came up with the my definition of feminism in class today, and its on my mind.. as a friend referred to it as cunt studies.. and i got pissed off...-

* the ability for a man or a woman to do what they will without having gender restrictions or biases imposed on them.

So i wonder, where did all the bra burning fit in? Would i burn my own bra? I do not think that would serve me well, not atleast unless we're all allowed to run around bra less. In which case i'd be more than happy to burn mine along with the rest of the women around doing so.

where did male bashing come in? I like men. I think all women like men, and i guess some men like men too. We just don't like those men that think that it's ok to stroke a girls ass cz she's wearing a cute little skirt in a club, a bus stop or even in the temple. But when i say we, i say, us women and us men, men don't like men who do that too. So it's not us women versus them men, it's us non-pervs versus them perverts.

where did all the woman loving come in? I'm a woman and yes i like women, n i'm cool with women who really love other women, mother love or lover love. Up to you. But i'm not cool with women who are overly unconfident, who think their obesity is a reason to world bash and media bash. Neither am i ok with women who think their womanhood is more important than a man's manhood. If it's about equality, it's about fairness and compromise, both are important. And i'm not cool with women who think they're being feminist if they point out all the women who aren't. It's not a religion that everyone has to follow, it's a thought that u either think or you don't care about. I'm not a woman hater, i just dislike women who give women a bad name.

So, rethinking feminism, how many of us can really claim to be one? And how many of us can say we are not one. Personally, i think the lines are fading, and just because ur a man, it doesn't mean ur aren't one and being a woman doesn't mean ur are one either.

"Nothing contributes so much to tranquilizing the mind as a steady purpose-a point on which the soul may fix its intellectual eye."

- Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley


Mansi said...

Wow, I Havent visited your blog in a while... and this might be my first comment... I must say, its a good blog! hehe Impressive! (as expected) :) and i abs agree with the perverts vs. non-perverts..And yes the lines are fading... good stuff, babe! mwah!

dD.Diyana said...

feministly speaking, i am agreeing on what you are saying. i mean, yes we women love men but not to an extend of letting men mollest us women , nor raping us.

but my question is, what actions do we make, really?

most men dislike womanizer as well.
i was in a club one time where a random stranger,a guy was mollesting my drunk (girl), i as a so-called feminist can only give that guy a face of disgust while pulling my friend off him.

my other guy friends can only give him a sarcastic grin.

he was on dope, for sure.
and my girlfriend, well i'm sorry but i had to yell at her instead
for misbehaving and not being able to take care of herself whenever she enters a club.

that was a while ago.

anyways, yes. the line is fading.
but why?!