10 September 2005

Woot Woot its Friday!

Went out last nite.. bangsar it was, castle it was again...

merdeka nite being the last time i went there, then before that again wit jiv n lisha, then before wit the crew frm school.. too many times.. way too many times..

had me drink, then went on dancing... spun out of control into cockpit with DD, ran out at the crazy frog song.. then we spun into absolute.. out at crazy frog song.. then rox.. danced like maniacs to la tortura...

we've been dancing to that the whole of this week... ever since i got it frm babs... rox has an interesting concept now.. leaves everywhere.. flower petals on the steps up.. flowers hooked on the stair railings.. coconut leaved-roof-bar.. nice indian gal, plaited hair, big smock sorta thing over blue jeans.. dancin to la tortura- el kampung style.. DD n i had a laugh after wit Izwan back at castle.. jes in time for.. the crazy frog song..

we din wanna leave so we put our hands up in the air ne ways.. and feng tau-ed.. shake head shake head... then to satisfaction... then to i will survive.. then head banged to bon jovi's it's my life with kareem (new fren of the nite)... with the doped/dazed/sad b'day boy sleep walking arnd club..

sweating we went to mamak.. nirvana maju--where i went on merdeka, then the nite wit lisha n jiv, then the nite wit the sayfol crew~ i see a pattern, ne one else see a pattern? Saw Nik.. running arnd.. happy high.. came over fr a bit.. started givin us a lecture on the importance of being good children, the mutton chronicle, (this exuberant display of energy expanding to conversations with the neighbouring tables to ask them if they agreed that DD was fucking arnd)..

i had my head on the table with laughter, while DD nodded n said in a quiet voice that she was gonna cry soon.. Izwan came arnd and ferried us back home.. jes before when Nik was running along back to his mamak.. he bumped into more of his kind (the we are happy high n drunk n wanna make frens with the world) appt frm sunway.. they started up chatter.. got into the car glad that he made frens this time... and did not insist on being stubborn n telling em he did not knw em.. as he was in the mamak earlier.. insisting he wanted to pay for ice kosong tht he din even drink.. ahhhh... drunkards...

Gt up to watch cricket match at 8.. ran off to see Sujan attempt to play.. din end up doin that.. it was pleasant weather so i sat on the grass under a tree, and read.. smoked.. had water.. the chronicle of a death foretold...enjoyed myself in a way that i haven't ages.. the quiet solitude of the trees.. and well there were cricket/tennis balls zoning arnd in various directions arnd me.. bt so wt reminded me of schooll.. either ways.. must hit the books now.. get back to sync wit the world of academia..

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