06 September 2005

Wish List..

  1. back pack: First stop: Indochina (thanks to Ray)
  2. swim in a volcanic crater(albeit the much preferred backstroke)
  3. visit antartica (imagine the concept of no noise)
  4. back pack: the rest of the world
  5. back pack: the amazon
  6. become an astronaut

You can keep ur money, keep ur buildings, keep ur gold, keep ur material possesions, keep you r morals, your ethics, your chivalry, your sexuality..

give me that tiffanys n gimme the world.. my footprints all over.. is all i want..

gimme stone beds, gimme a dime's grub... gimme wt ever bt most of all gimme the right to walk all over you.

It is better after all to have lived, loved n lost it all... than to have not done any at all.

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