19 September 2005

The Wisecrack blabs at three thirty four in the morn..

Wanna be lankan spent the weekend locked out of my room... the refugee camp was the hall n DD's room... i swear.. saw my bed, saw my room after a lil bit more than 24 hours and was so happy.. made myself a cuppa coffee n ice.. hyperactive kid.. atoms cheerleading now.. and decided that it's abt time i cut the crap and started on my work.. piled up sky high.. apart frm tht looks like the snail is finally reaching the finishin line for marquez's chronicle...can't wait to raid the section of the lib in preparation fr the one week break.. so much sought after by ME..

on issues seperate.. need to remember resolves...

one, please control the green-ness of emotions.. i have to.. for the sake of living n well.. having wt is precious not precariously floating about u, away frm u.. u have to be, i have to be

two, believe in what u preach, no really i have to listen to myself more often.. or rather jes listen more often

three, risks are fr things that can be risked..

four, jumping the drowning boat does not mean that u will be rescued..

five, pushing ppl of the sinking boat does not mean u will be saved while they perish.. a really light loaded ship will still sink.. mind u that u are not a weight that u cannot carry urself..

i'm talking gibberish, i am aware.. bt it makes sense to me.. i knw.. i sound like yoda i think... restless minds wander.. minds with aims wander..


the elusive, the nirvana, the golden fleece.. precious goals and aims, unattained.. leave nothing to be desired bt the desired itself...

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