06 September 2005


The inside of my mind.. carve out a path if you will..

That's an amazing pic i think! Either ways.. there's nt much to write in here.. just been work n work.. a movie here and there and more work.. someone told me the semester is soon to come to an end.. how appropriate though.. ha ha it hasn't even started and we're stuffed with the end.. one more sem left.. argh.. to make it to what is called popularly the life of the graduate.. joy!

Apart from that.. i realized how entangled things can get when ur close to it.. repeat it enough number of times, and then you realize that really, everything when repeated again n again have the effects of dissipiating into nothing..nothingness... breaking up letter for letter.. making no sense.. he he it's all absurd as they say..

I shall shut up.. try to get back into bed to relieve myself of this apparently self induced bt nt really, insomnia... bt its more climatic thn havin ne thing to do wit will power.. simply put.. it's just too hot to enter my room.. *shrug*


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