13 September 2005

Men & Womyn?

Ok.. men are of two types, the pushovers- that you can appeal with you apparent 'innocence' (ha ha) or the sort that are mean- regardless of your sex.. bt at the end of the day they are human.

The past week there have been all sorts of 'men' on my mind..

  • boyfriends and ex's who beat their girlfriends up.. i think i went into a mini-shock yesterday when someone asked a girl friend where she got the bruises on her arms from and whilst anyone could see that she was tempted to make excuses, gladly, she didn't. It scared me, becz i've always looked at her as a pillar- not a pillar of support or so called moral strength bt a steady pillar that stands the heaviest of weights. And if she can fall, to the temptation of so called love, then really, what's to say of ne one of us? So i didn't say anything, bt asked her wt she'd done. She said she took pictures, i told her pictures mean nothing unless it's been reported.. if nt to the police (because that is what love does to you~ they might want to hurt you, bt u never want to do it back to them, because you know how much it hurts) then the NGOs running around. The Malaysian police mite be think they're useless bt it's something.. some sort of validation to being a woman, and an abused woman at that.

  • Mr Lyon~ he's a specimen, really. I'm feeling guilty, in some sort of screwed up manner, i think i'm taking advantage of him. He's such a pushover that it's nt even funny.. "Mr Lyon, I haven't passed up my work (which was due much earlier in the first place), I'll pass it up on Friday ok." And he nodded n told everyone else of the latest deadline. Reminds me of Dr Jega, and now, today to a certain extent, Mr Michael.. even that dude that everyone feared, Mr Kingsley.. i don't know why i get away with things like that, is it because i'm a girl? or they're just nice?

There, the two prototypes having been presented.. there's only one key difference between the two types. Your emotional connections between the two.. no body can take advantage of you, unless you let them. With regards to the ex's.. loving them still, is compromising yourself, maiming yourself into vulnerability.. why? Or rather why still? It doesn't only mean boyfriends.. could be ne one, doesn't even have to be a man.. could be a father, a mother, a relative, a shop keeper.. because once 'love' inserts itself in as the adjective next to the word.. everything changes.. and in those changes, may i say, as impossible as it may sound, that it is vital to feel the ground, to know what you are made of and what you are not.

  • another friend is going to get married. This one to a much older man, according to the rumor mill. No one has any right to judge, yes? I agree, wishes to you too Debbie. But in all honesty, i truly hope that it will be worth it.

And one more thing.. ha ha.. i do sound so aunty today.. Eminem's Superman.

I know what you want to hear..."I think I love you baby", I think I love you too.

They call me superman, i'm here to rescue you. I want to save you girl, come be in Shady's world

Yes, when it's unfair to put women into moulds, how is it fair to put men into moulds only then complain about the way they treat us?

Superman ain't savin' shit, girl you can jump on Shady's dick

Puss blew out, poppin' shit, wouldn't piss on fire to put you out. Am I too nice, buy you ice, bitch if you died, I wouldn't buy you life....

ha ha. Well, i think it's a nice song, esp to give womyn a kick up their arse. Why? Only because, we think like that. WE might be independant, bt WE all want to be saved. WE get depressed, when no one is arnd.. assuming having ppl arnd is what life is abt. Is it really? WE get 'lonely'. WE want someone opening the door, even though WE can open it ourselves.

Feminism isn't abt how you spell woman-womyn... it's abt how you define a woman. Don't WE get it? WE are the only ones putting ourselves down.


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