19 September 2005

I hate Cinderella

can't find shoes... tried midvalley n pyramid n one utama... and the saddest thing is tht i kept forgetting to bring my dress.. so i kept forgetting the colour.. so ya.. dreams come true after all huh.. this is sadness.. and stressfullness,...
dun think i have visited so many malls in my life at one go..for one elusive thing... i'm dying... and it'll be a real surprise if i look like ne thing at all.. on ball nite... bt then again, i'm dressing for myself rite.. hell yea... =(


Anonymous said...

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Shida said...

Sabs, you can always paint my shoes gold and wear them for the night. Just make sure its washable. And no one pukes on it during the after party. Ok? :)

dD.Diyana said...

why does prom have to be so hard?

just like my love affair with the MATTA fair.

getting a flight ticket is like pain the ass or something.

Sabitha said...

thanks shida... ha ha i think they have paints that go off... and atleast u knw.. but atleast stay on for a couple of hours..

And i totally agree dd's.. there are some things in life that only serve to complicate..