17 September 2005

Cz its Fraiday Naite

Asra's B'day.. Jiv's b'day... ha ha fun nite out yesterday...

broke quite a few virginities last nite.. had wt i would call my first ladies' nite out... i mean that in a proper way.. small group of significance..small tiny lil bar.. older men everywhere...a small teeny bit of uncovered space (uncovered meaning by tables and what not).. squeezing into that space, dancing arnd all the men... ha ha.. went to karma fr the first time.. was not drunk at a sayfol gig for the first time...

now that is something that i would never be happy with doin.. especially when i can say that there wasn't ne guys with us for so called 'protection'.. bt essentially it was all good in the hood, we had the school crew arnd.. balraj baleh baleh-ing arnd.. raben i think cn do a pretty good imitation of of a rapper.. esp wit his lil cap... arasan..posing a danger to us more thn protecting us.. bt in that, he did keep the sleazier guys away i suppose... rajiv in his lil corner.. havin fun his way...fadzli left early.. bldy grounded biatch that he is.. alisha n bf.. who's name i keep frgetting disappeared along with tun n radit.. that was the nite..

n it was a fun nite.. good clean fun.. good clean dhurty dancing.. oxy moron thrown rite in ur face there..miss my small nite outs actually.. amongst so many other things, i realized that sometimes.. when the social crowd gets larger.. u kind of forget all the lil things that makes u love ur frens jes that lil extra bit more.. all of them.. and for those who've been wit u for ages.. u love em all the same.. cz they know u.. sort of ne ways.. ;)

Happy birthday rajiv
happy birthday asra
happy birthday mariyam

bye bye yamin... u will be missed... and daym i wish the last time that i saw u wasn't in rainforest of all the places.. good luck to u and all the best wit ur music...

thanks babs, dd n asra.. fr last nite.. he he he

And to the man who made a bet on our combined ages.. seriously.. u owe us teq shots.. U HEAR!

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dD.Diyana said...

yea man ! u owe us four fucking tequilasss u magggggots !

..and yes, do we look like we're fuckin' EIGHTEEEEN !