20 September 2005


Avi's griping.. he's making an entry in here after aaaaaages.....

bt yes.. sanjana n babs.. if either of u read it.. please jes go make casual talk wit him.. jes how are u avi, wt's been happening.. then beginning and the end..

i wrote some mean things today.. to bth him n this gal whose name i dun even knw..bt she sounds lost.. in her own emotions.. seems like a nice person who just can't be politically correct.. like in one of the replies to her commentary section she says.. i'm good to everyone, even black ppl.... which offended me, bt didn't at the same time..


wt i wrote...

Sabitha said...

hello!!! I'm blog hoppin.. and i was wondering whether it's she that is obsessed with the bf or you that is obssesed with ur bf.. cz really no one should be able to steal ur bf if he loved you.. and another thing,

the whole 'malay' attack.. it's racist, and i could call u slit eyed or flat nosed,yellow skinned, straight haired, ugly,single lidded fat bitch and that wouldn't be right now would it? So it seems childish that in ur anger u seem to have resorted to something so trivial showing ur stupidity, and yes i can call u that, because u've shown it right here in the post.

I don't even feel like supporting u because u disgust me, jes in the way u've put ur points down.. and ur issue with her and her religion.. why should it be any of ur business? And who ever it is ur fighting far, ur so called bf.. he's innocent? And is he worth it? Do u know if u love this guy and more importantly does HE LOVEs YOU?

Cz if he does, there shouldn't be anything for u to bitch about, and i'm sure ur a nice person.. something like this, frankly speaking, makes me want to find u and slap u because it's not rite. It's nt a threat, i'm jes sayin that it's STUPID and spells LOOSER. And please, do not misunderstand me, i knw matters of love can be complicated, bt there's a way to handle it, and sentences like, 'is it that all MALAY have this kida Bitching attitude' is jes DUMB. LOOSER. STUPID.

And on the other hand, nice meeting u and please, take care cz u seem to need some help.. and do drop by and feel free to pass ne comments on my blog. tats!

it was a bit strong bt was just mad that people like this still existed. Like the owner at Sujan's new place, who said, make sure other religious statues do not come into this house because it's been blessed by the lord, or the gal at asra's college who said south indian ppl looked dirty because of their skin colour.. what? IN this world of modernity? Yes, especially in this world of modernity. Is it so difficult?