01 August 2005

Wish list for the new roomate/housemate

1) has bottles in her closet fr emergencies (no puking ah)
2) open minded
3) someone who smokes baby, ne things fine
4) clubs
5) has a car n unlimited petrol n toll money
6) friendly bt not over bubbly like DD
7) nt too dressy according to DD
8) has a water filter
9) has a lap top NOT PC
10) hates the internet
11) tck
12) no bf~ single as long as we're single
13) nt neat nt messy, tolerant, not obsessive of either
14) hygenic
15) Loves sabi n DD
16) she conveniently disappears when ever we want her to
17) social, bt cannot bring frens over more than sabi
18) no religious biases
19) good at cooking, loves to share
20) she has to have less handbags n n EARRINGS shoes n clothes than DD
21) jangan nak show off la
22) respect (who?) DD says her..
23) someone wit t.v. she puts in the living room
24) can sleep with the lights off, nt the main light
25) nt one of those puntat freaks
26) no vodoo shit man!
27) someone who has an ironing board and an iron
28) someone who has a hot pan (bth above n below~ willing to share)
29) someone who knws how to reduce frizz, hair expert la
30) someone who can put make up, has a giant mirror, extensive book collection
31) someone who doesn't gossip like an ollllld maid or talks of boys 24/7
32) someone who has cute guy frens who are old as well
33) someone who speaks fluent english, preferably multi-lingual
34) someone who jogs in the morning, plays badminton
35) someone who doesn't study tooo much, bt smart
36) listens to good music
37) Someone cool enough so we can show this list to her eventually


L0shY said...

ahahahahah Sabi, I would really like to meet this lil miSs roomie of urs (if u ever find one that is)

dD.Diyana said...

HAHHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAH we are the the most jobless yet demanding bitches ever !

HAAHHAHAHAHA i still can't believe you actually post this up your blog.ur hillarious babe !

i wooff u !