17 August 2005

What's the Goss?

You think you know someone if u've known them for a LOOOONG time.. bt really, u never know someone... never ever ever over estimate the power of so called knowledge.. esp when it comes to ppl.. u never know someone.. even if they've grown up right in front of you..

A very 'reuniony' non-reunion yest, for the Sayfolians @ KLCC.. i don't necessarily think that i'm qualified to talk about most of the things that i intend on talking about.. bt wt are the chances that one of YOU will read it huh.. and really, it's my take on things that are happening.. so there's the disclaimer right in frnt of ur friggin face..

On the table were several issues..

  • Alisha's upcoming wedding in Feb: yes, it was a shock.. bt really, weddings mean 'congratulate, hand over the gift and hope things works for the best', and ur happy..and ur meant to be happy when ur friend's happy too.. so there.. CONGRATULATIONS.. and can't wait to let loose all on me first 'friend wedding' or rather, me 'first ever malay wedding and i so hope those egg baskets will be smashing'.. he he atoms cheerleadin there a bit, wooooohooooo!

  • Debbie's lil affair with the older man.. seriously, none of ne ones' business, that one there. Just cz it's nt the right age doesn't mean it means nothing, and just because it is the right age doesn't mean it's something. Another hair raiser tho.. and puhleeze.. so called friends, let person A decide how person A's life ought to be like

  • Guy gets friends to beat up girl wow. Seriously, wow. I never thought one of us would come down so low. I thought they taught us something in Sayfol.. something along the lines of respecting womyn, or if not respecting them.. atleast dun hurt them.. no we are not weak.. bt neither does that mean that it's ok, to extort, beat n leave.

  • $22,000 dollar ring @ Tiffanys it was a precious, precious ring.. and i swear all the so called budhist in me came crumbling down.. thank you Amira you made me just a little bit more greedy.. just a little bit more keen to marry for money.. hire a burglar.. it did feel so awfully nice on me finger..

  • A certain someone's bf, who's annoying ha ha ha ur nt goin out wit them, so shut up la.

  • I think that's about all there is.. except for irrelevant details like, there's someone in sunway who thinks that i am a new kid, who's appt half tamilian-half kannadiga thanks to me being very very blur and well, really nt up for elevator conversation...

  • rajiv n i got hitched a while back and he's in denial; as Kenneth does i analysed him yesterday(rajiv) and realised that the Mallu who can't speak the language is more INDIAN than even i am.. (i wanna beat that fucker up, he's too cocky...i wanna beat that fucker up, u dun rape womyn with ur eyes, sees BALLYS, says BAILEYS) ha ha..

  • Fadzli's borderline metrosexual, joining the ranks of Rishi bt i think he's happy flirting wit the line there.. Nabila, pleasure meeting u after well.. 2001- 2005..that's four years.. shit!

  • And beer @ Castles in B'sar goes for $25/nett per jug.. it's Carlsberg for those who must know...

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