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Weekday Bluuuuesss....

Happy Birthday India!

And yea! the haze has gone away

No natural rain, it's cloud seeding for today

Now Mr MB of Kelantan can say

God doesn't like the southern states anyway

Ha ha a petty attempt at poetry i say.. ok STOPPIT! I'm in a genial mood.. after an abs amazing weekend.. in my bed, lazing arnd the appt reading Lolita.. there's a classic bunch of lines in there, shall try n puttit in here.. made me wanna hurl.. bt then i read through them again, and realized that it was a real piece du literature.. albeit a bit twisted..

Had kicap with a half ripe mango straight-of-the- tree- from- slim-river.. delivered prompto by my appt 'too busy to sit' mother (wt's the point i shouted at her later over the fon, of driving all the way frm bentong, to slim river to pick up rice, to nilai to pick up the brother, then sunway to come in, hand out a box full of idlis, a mango and get back into the car only to call me up an hour later, asking me how i am, cz she forgot to do so when she was in raaaight in front of me!)

COooooold cooollld day this morn.. so heated up the idlis, had chicken curry with tea... yuuuummm..bangalore days all over again.. i think it's that time of the year that i start missing india again.. and that's when i knw that no one ought to believe me if i happen to say ne thing like 'i'm nt goin back.. i have no time..need to find internship..yadda yadda yadda'.. miss me naina ama too much not to..

For DD.. priya started Uni today, n i remember now why there was so much friction at the beginning.. she had ALL the lights on.. the corridor, the room,'amya n nasreen's room'... i think she was over excited n this was at 7 in the morn man.. i have class only at 10 she borrowed my fon to set the alarm..Gun Gun called her too.. then i made her put a reminder so she wdn forget to set the alarm for me, then i had the alarm and the reminder ringing in my face every other ten mins..why, i dont really know.. and i swear the Chimp's been getting on my nerves as well.. just plain because me n priya figured out (cz she acc read a msg frm tht fella to chimp) that she was goin out with him.. (baby?).. n ur roomie.. Farah, i decided her name is, she's allrite.. bt internet buff yo~ has a bloggie too... bt she dun have a PC.. remember u have a PC u wanna sell *hint*.. n Ms P sed, "No smokin in the house. Don't even ask her if it's ok. I don't trust malays so easily, you shouldn't either. Later she complains, then you know."
So i just smoke in the room now la.. she la, wanna talk so much, bt i swear she can't smell... ;)


dD.Diyana said…
kudos for writing lines up for me.
so how's preya doing for her school?

i didnt get the chimps-guy-read-msg part.what baby?wtf ?

hahhaa and u wrote Gun Gun here !
hahaaha fucking funny la u!

Farah ? has a blog? shitttttttttt.

we should've written that one up on the list.

aight.'i'm off. bye!

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