03 August 2005

Topless Man at Window

Every day at 11, there's a man at the window. he removes his shirt and waves to the passers by. he's been doin that every single day the past couple of years, he's a legend.
There's nothing special about what he's done, except he's been consistent, creative and original. Carved a niche for himself in well, perhaps just the waving to passerby business, bt still.. that's something..

doesn't take much in life to become someone famous, or legendary, to make ppl wonder where u are from or who u are.. jes a couple of things that takes/keeps u apart from all the other millions of ppl arnd in the world. that's all.

1 comment:

dD.Diyana said...

would you think i'd be a legend if i flash my tits off everyday at the sidegate?

mental images.

ok, i don't want to be a legend
or somekind.