19 August 2005

He thinks of you

the past always looks too good, the future always too scary, and the current always too boring..

when she gets dressed up she thinks of u, of the pictures she's gonna take and send to you..
and the whole of the week after she thinks of u,
she wonders what u think of her now,
of what u think of wt she's wearing,
wt u feel when u see her face dolled up for u...
that which you do not know..

when she's drunk she thinks of you, and how u look..
when she's drunk she talks of you and how she feels for you,
if that's anything at all..
at random times she thinks of you,
looks at the time and wonders what ur wearing,
where u are,
how u look like when u sleep,
when u bend down to put the plug into the socket,
open the door..


carlo23barbara said...

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Anonymous said...

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dD.Diyana said...

you are officially public huh?

anyways babe,
since i'm the only one who u personally know and have the guts to actually comment on this cos i myself have an internet resident,
let me tell u that you are missed.

and that you are remembered.
I wish I knew who you're refering to here on this entry...

but my comment was on the univ's shit..

like whoa..........
whattheshit ?
bee problem?
fuck i'm fucking scared to
go back to Malaysia now.


Did u go to PD party thinggy babe?

(i'ma promote my blog too suckers!)


see u soon.

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