10 August 2005


I need to reinterate, i dislike the ppl in Sumatra. the weather today has been horrible.. heavy loom of haze and visibility at less than one kilometre... i need to go buy the mask, n the weekend should see me spending time at bentong because i'm running away frm the loom...

the weather reminds me of bangalore so much, except in b'lore the haze is the fog, and it's colder and the air doesn't add toxic impurities to ur lungs.. and when i came in, there was thunder and now i see wet ppl running arnd the comp lab so i'm assuming it's been raining.

good thing i shut all the windows in the house, all the curtains.. even the kitchen door has been shut and i'm pretty positive that it hasn't been shut in a long ass time because there was a layer of dust when i moved the door.. and i wonder how come, malaysians have for so long suffered the open fire burning ritual in sumatra, with this govt never applying pressue on te fellas..

last nite was interesting. i know i speak for all when i say that,
mr aaron very high *my mental body awake but my physical body is not responding*
BHAV high
asra shaking her booty to the daymned floor
baljin try'n to make sense of the crowd
nish on the sofa, very tipsy.. downed water that i gave him, tellin me he CAN drink
shnel.. u nearly got the cake man, just abt *nearly*
rudy sanchez, pestering sanj and vice versa
losh busy tryin to loom her way into getting a discount for the bottle by *talking* to the bartenders
shida, on the chair, sucking on ice cubes, avoiding calls frm an *other*
Is n *fren*.. busy with themselves
sujan & sabri making ppl down drinks
yumi n *fren*.. dancing n goin missing
yours truly was busy getting ppl to tie a bow on to the top whose strings kept untying themselves
2 strangers dancin n drinkin n well celebratin the ocassion..
three other dudes whose name i forget now, rollin n smokin.. *puff**puff**puff*

i think that's the head count.. hence the bottle to person ratio would be abt 4:1...

so there, tuesday nite clubbin at rum jungle, nt so bad after all. the only negative being the 9 'o' clock class the nxt day, n the sudden excercise involving the writin a radio news script.. *YAWN*


Shida said...

Hey u, thanks for taking care of me (u were my hot ice water lady)n letting me crash at ur place. N thanks for the lap dance. It was my 1st ever :O

Bhav said...

thnk u darling for makin my bday sound oh so wonderful!! haha glad u came n took care of everyone cause i think i was cloud no.9 haha dun even rem half the things that were goin aroun....must add that this bday was like blore all over again!! anyways thnx girl 4 everythin n hey when do i get a lap dance?

Sabitha said...

Shida, he he.. no need to do ne thankin n shit raiight.. nxt time we find a place to club in cheras, i stay over ok.. favor pour favor.. n babs.. lap dance? ne time.. preferably in the friggin POOL..bt i cd swear i have allready given u one.. sometime.. somewhere.. or was that Tanya on me? I don't remember bt u knw.. i'm there fr u he he he