12 August 2005

Gloom, Grey and the Indonesians...

Peposterous!!! i don't think i've used that word in aaaages.. bt the malaysian government honestly, is going to new highs on my list of countries with sucky sucky policies.. but don't worry singapore, ur right there on top.. even malaysia can't top you... And INDONESIA..death sentence i hear, for open burning...death sentence, my arse..

So we're all here, in Malaysia right, living and sharing space, and i suppose air as well. So we are breathing right, and we know that the air is horrible and smelly, and most importantly toxic, yes?
And I am amazed that I live in a country, where, citizens and commentators alike, have to 'commend' our dear Mr Prime Minister for lifting the veil of secrecy over the Air Pollutant Index.

It is not something to be commended, but any given human's natural right to know what he is breathing in, and how toxic it is, and how bad it is so he can protect himself (migrate, temporarily to Penang or well, FINE~ if u really have to, Singapore).
Seriously, what the hell is going on? I understand, if we couldn't see the haze, but its kindda like in our face, when we walk outside: at nite, at dim light, we can see it creeping in through the cracks in the windows, during the day, the sun is blocked out bt not the heat.. we are breathing in all sorts of particles, but obviously as any smoker would know, we are breathing in large amounts of Carbon Monoxide, which attaches itself permanently to haemoglobin in our blood cells, hindering the cells' ability to transport oxygen to the rest of our bodies.

But no, we do not know exactly how polluted our air is, and until recently the governement wouldn't let us know.
And then they allowed us to know.
And then we have sources on the net, independant environmental watchdogs, saying the figures aren't true, it's actually higher.
And then we have the governement saying, a state of emergency will be declared if the API goes over 500.
And then Monash Uni says, that that would be the only basis of us having cancelled classes.
And then I'm sitting in my living room, having a smoke, thinking to myself~ the whole situation is so chaotic, so absurd.

It's been arnd for ages. Indonesian forest fires. Been in Malaysia for ages, and i remember a time, when we were not allowed to leave our classrooms because of the haze. We had lunch inside, studied inside.. rushed quickly into our vans and busses, ferried off home in masks, and then stayed inside our houses. I think that was in 1997.
The government consistently holds talks with our kind neighbours, who are always sorry.
And consistently, in the next couple of years, the haze returns.
And consistently, nothing is done, and the citizens whine and gripe, gently suggesting we ought to tell those Indonesians off, and help those farmers, educate those farmers, yadda yadda ya...
And the haze disappears
And we forget.. and the cycle repeats itself~
And ppl merchandise, selling cheap masks (2 for $1) at places like the side gate.. where smokers once thrived...
Not to mention, ppl like me, who insist on smoking.. even at times like this...

I am angry and depressed.. because walking outside, i am reminded of Lessing's Survivor.. a dystopic world.. i don't want to live in this, nobody wants this... go away! Most importantly, don't return.. And it's annoying when there doesn't seem to be much being done, that as The Star reports, we have to wait till friggin Oct to be able to do things like, jog.. which reminds me, upcoming ball.. i was supposed to have lost some weight by then.. i was to go joggin.. now, I'd be called crazy for doing that~ Sigh.. Budha would say meditate, I say I'm migrating too... to Bentong.. i hear it's not that bad there.

Good Bye!



dD.Diyana said...

now now,we don't want to get all racist do we.

but yes, even if it was indonesia who caused it all, we shall blame the gverment as well.

semua pun nak rahsia.


ahhhhhhhhh fuck.
too bad i'm not there to smoke
with u at the living room.

hey wait.
u got the net onto ur PC already?

so much for " i won't get online unless ur back.that's a month from now."

i'm a bitch, i know.
Sorry. can't help it.

tsunyee said...

yes damn those Indons..
but you know what? we're as much to blame for the haze and air pollution as them..

at least 10 of the fires blazing in Sumatra are from plantations owned by Malaysians..
yup.. they're burning it there and smelling it here.. dumb asses huh?

blast the Indonesian govt. for being slack.. blast the Indon farmers for being ignorant.. and blast the Malaysian owners for being cheap and trying to save a buck..

but yeah you're right, hopefully this time we'll learn from our mistakes and not have it repeat again next year..

lots of love!