24 August 2005

Getting there

The last post wasn't meant for anyone.. just random thoughts inspired by fellow roomie.. and this one too.. not meant for any one in particular, inspired by a fren.. sorry if this causes u any offense..

U don't argue with someone who won't listen
  1. someone who is on the defensive
  2. someone who wants to win
  3. someone who isn't going to understand u anyways
  4. someone who won't consider
  5. someone who thinks they're right, regardless
  6. someone who says they can't read you~ they dont know u then
U don't worry about what u cant change
  1. what is not in your hands
  2. what you don't feel inclined towards
  3. what is really someone else's probem
U let go of things that aren't worth fighting for
  1. things that seems so cloudy
  2. things that compromise who you think you are
  3. ppl who are just too hard for you to keep
  4. ppl who don't do ne good for you
  5. ppl who have moved on
  6. ppl who don't respect you
  7. ppl who u can't change
  8. ppl who couldn't care less abt u
  9. ppl you dislike anyways
  10. ppl whose company u don't feel inclined towards
  11. ppl you only hurt, hinder or don't think u do ne good for ne more
And saying i trust u to someone doesn't cut it, it's an honour bt the question really to ask, if if they trust you or not.
And saying deal with it means one thing~ "end of conversation. Stuff what u have to say up you arse, coz really i couldn't care less about this issue. And remember it too, so if someone were to ask what went up your ass and died, u have an answer. And then the obvious, deal with it, get it, understand it..
  1. don't complain,
  2. don't whine,
  3. don't feel self pity,
  4. don't cry,
  5. don't show how u feel,
  6. don't compromise,
  7. don't 'discuss',
  8. don't argue.... "
Cz doing any of that isn't going to change squat~ cz ur meant to deal with it.

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dD.Diyana said...

this is the problem when u are in a house together, no offense to the both of us- but when you know you can never be at the point of being too close with someone who live so very close to you, that's when you know you should limit yourself from being around them.

Like what you did when you went back to Bentong.

and what i'm doing now.

and what we both would do - go out and socialize.come home and sleep.

get me?