06 August 2005

Battle of the Bands 2005 @ Sunway Pyramid

Was at the battle of the bands today.... some sort of battle it turned out to be: one decent band that evoked all the energy we actually thought we were gonna spend, thought we were gonna use.. with the bland performances that we encountered,

one amazing amassing of crowd for an apparently christian band that sung the song, 'Crucified Love' (seriously, there's only so much we can integrate, only so much that we can tolerate). I thought it was the chick in green, thin n frail, with glitter on her eyes that drew the crowd, bt a friend informs me that it was a church band that played so i knw where the crowd came from now.

Apart from that, the nite was filled wit corny jokes, Emcee Slyde: the M&M's (cute) soft toy has no hair, neither do i... ha ha ha (laughs at own joke). Pre-rehearsed speech routine that frankly did nothing for us, we found more to laugh at (like the dude who i'm sure was on something when he was jumping arnd nearly falling off the steps, skinny legs, in shorts bt old), MIA lucky draw winners (see, they din even stick arnd to see whether or not they won something, and the prizes were really cute effigies of M&M faces), really enthusiastic crowd members who seemed to head bang even when there was no music.. and then some...

The only other point of interest being this guy who looked so much like an old friend i was sure they were related: the dude was so into everything, he even found the enthusiasm to clap n prance about when the chick in green sung a very high (gulp) strung rendition of a jiggle for sponsor M&Ms~ I think the very fact that i have more to say about the crowd than the performers speaks for itself.. either that or i'm a scatter brain.. ha ha ha (guess what, i laugh at my own jokes too)

And i hear that the band that was decent didn't win ne thing, meaning first place (that which they rightly deserve), second place (that which can be given to them cz we need to encourahe the less professional *twits*) third place (absolutely unforgivable, bt atleast a placement)- so i think one of the things that the judges are not interested in bands that actually perform well enough to make the sitting, tired audience get up and pay attention, or head bang or well, jump up n down the stairs at Pyramid.. so i need to ask, what are u looking for exactly?

But really it's my fault for not sticking arnd till the results were announced, bt then again, i dun blame myself: a show that was meant to start at 7 started at abt 8 30, held at the entrance of a mall so essentially very lil place, nt quite entertaining (window shoppin was still an option, so was double checking if the car was locked).. so i guess we'll never know..

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