26 August 2005

Acting my age~

Today.. or rather today so far...

  1. got up at 6 30 to go jogging wit farah
  2. came back n made chicken sandwiches fr brekkers, some tea and me ciggie
  3. nearly burnt the bin.. the tissue in there had caught on fire.. i came rushing out of my room, thanking who ever it is that is responsible fr my extraordinary smelling powers
  4. showered, added the finishing touches to me assignment n passed it up at 10 am
  5. Met sharon after to collect an earlier assignment, and i got a credit bt wt meant much more was she said that i had potential enough to be published and it was nice to see me taking the assignment seriously... i still can't get over it, i CAN write.. and she drew a smilie face on me drawings of the characters that i created.. they're real cute!
  6. got home and read a wonderful '100 years of soltitude' by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  7. Had lunch~ maggi n tau fu fa (if that's how u say it) n tea
  8. Came back to Uni for a seminar, on Orang Asli's.. played usher to hoards of Malay kids frm some other sunway program, who cdn shut the fuck up before they openened the door. I became door bitch then, told a couple of them off.. really, i was in there to listen and these fools outside the door wdn come in neither shut up n leave
  9. Saw kai lun.. he was to come in too, bt i told him there were no seats available.. he LEFT like normal ppl wld... so no, i dun ne longer JUMP at sayfolians..
  10. Goin back home now, to sift through the lil book that i got off Dr Yeoh wit all the media companies that are present in Malaysia.. he gave me that when i went to him to ask him how on earth i'm meant to get a job
  11. And he told me of the coming internship e-mails, watch out for them he says, they will come handy for December.. i want to go to Pahang.. watch the Orang Asli or rather the Senoi who live there, work and interact.. we'll see how it goes..

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dD.Diyana said...

u went jogging with my roomate?
i'm a jealous bitch,bitch.