19 June 2005

Wandering Mind, Lost spirit ;)

time turns arnd and gives my ass a kick.. that is if what i predict is true, and hopefully, ha ha for once i am wrng.

you never knw how much u feel for someone, until ur put in a position where you have to choose between two.

you never knw how to explain to urself the reason behind the choice, because it's nt that u've chosen wrong.

Just that u aren't happy wit what u have, and when it comes to love, that's a scary thought cz it's nt that u dun love

What u have wit u, just that u also love the other, and that returns like the uncanny to be placed at the back to

haunt. It's nt pleasant bt am i fool to think that it will be pleasant? I'm nt. And i will nt allow myself this blow, not again, not ever.

And choosing if for those who have a choice. i don't.

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