27 June 2005

On the day itself

Am 20 now and high on beer baby... i've decided that i love this drink.. he he

thanks to all the people who made it a fun day... u knw who u guys are

more than that, one of the things that got solved today mostly was a) thank u for understanding wt i wanted frm wt we have, i am so glad. To be honest, it's saddening bt welcoming at the same time.
Tsun: thanks for coming back baby. I needed to see a fresh face.
Kenneth: why? Thanks dude, colour brother.. he he

Sigh... spent it in the appt most of the day, realized that the inner things in life have to be clean before the things on the outside can be kept clean... and well, u knw...days aren't special because they're special, they're special when the ppl that u love the most are arnd u..

jane u were missed.

sabitha=2o... mite as well start counting the wrinkles now huh ;)

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