03 June 2005

Like a straight line needs a ruler...

I see this.... a mass of unknwn faces and a person I knw. i see mc donalds and a culture i am alien to. In a nutshell, a foreinger and a quasi, and in this valley we are stuck. Between to mountains of philosophy and 2 mountains of thought, we are stuck.

We are by right no different from eachother, but how four different and difficult years shaped our minds is a thing yet to wonder. If in life, change is the only thing that is constant then why are our thoughts not changin on par.

There are compromises that people make, judgements that people talk of, bt while we would ideally wash it all off, we cannot baby, and we can't think that we can either.

We don't think because we cannot think. We cannot be because we are not allowed to be. We cannot change the rules because they make the world go round and round.

But is that really true, because i dun knw about u bt for me, i dunno how bad i want this really.
I dunno but i dunno if this is what is supposed to happen.
I dun think that i can do all this and still be the same person that i am.
I dun think i can go through all this and still be the one to love you the way i want to love you.

And if the window shuts and blocks out all the wind, then i wonder if it means that it's the end of ends, and the end that i still wait for and want in some weird way. For now i don't just want you, i need you. Like a straight line needs a ruler.

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