28 June 2005

In and Out

Well hot malaysian afternoon after, things are crumbling from the heat, from the pressure. There's not many people around campus still, and the new semester might see many changes. Tsun, u mite be coming back.

Aniket writes this: I am out of town for the next two days. I just wanted to be away from the world. Hope to see you when i get back. Sorry for leaving my phone off yesterday..

We're all on the run away frm those that we knw. WE dun not want to knw them ne more, bt more like, we want time out. We don't want to remember them but for 2 days. I've quit smoking... ha ha smoked one yesterday tho, but i suppose it takes a smoker to knw how profound that is. Or maybe, we're all just bored. Bored with the want to do other things, except there's not much to do. i want to go back home, only because that's always where i want to go, when things get a little bit complicated on this end.

I thought maybe today is a good time to write a tributary for all those who have left. There is no reason for me to be acting so pessimistic, in the age of digital communication, communication is easy which only takes effort. I knw that. I do really. But.

Jonathan: i'm numb.
Mansi: he's numb.
Dev: We all knw ur nt here. bt it hasn't hit us yet.
Jane: i feel like i'm loosing u. Mentally this time.
Tsun: no, things will never be the same again.
Laksa: no more tamil movies till the hols huh.

A big bite of the apple chewn out, the worm wanders on, in and out of the holes that it's making. It doesn't knw that the apple's soon to get rotten, for if it doesn't conserve, before the taste of apple grows sick on its taste buds, the apple will no longer be around.
But the worm doesn't knw that the onus is on it to conserve, believing some magical force called FATE will direct change and action.

FA= God of Destiny
FATE= Destiny

And so it weaves on, in and out. In and out. In and out.. it weaves on, blind to the catastrophe it itself is voluntarily suscribing itself to.

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