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A Candy Sweet Mental Roadtrip.

A road trip. A trip taken on a vehicle through roads, with the company of your best friends. Carried through by wonderful conversations, sighting beautiful sceneries, living and breathing the same space and air for an undetermined period of time. Yes, a road trip, the most awesome road trip that one can imagine. Absolutely top notch.

Rivers of sticky sugar syrup, trees of gold, light streaming through the leaves, in solid bars of delightful warm ecstasy. There we drove in our beautiful car, candy pink and purple, to the wild scent of the Thai Dragon. A field of chips, crispy and golden, hard to the touch, delightfully powdery to the push. As it breaks, we brake to stop solid at a candy house.

This was junk food heaven, and we were there together, me, myself and I. The view of a chocolate fountain greeted us, as we prepared to skate on lemon tea ice rink only to be distracted by the sight of giant marsh mellow trampolines. I took out a finger and punched in a hole, only to find that a hole could not be made, in this perfect dream marsh mellow, as it gently knocked my finger back in resistance and then invited me to have a bite.

But no, I resisted. For there were giant Jilabe wind mills, turned by the smell of the sugar stream, churning jars of hung curd, leading to a rashgolla carnival, with M& M smarties dotting the middle of this wild game of rashgollas rolling down hills made of hard sugar candy.

Oh the resistance, the courage and the will to say no, disappeared on the touch of sweet cotton candy, when I took a bite and ended right back where I started with the key in the ignition of my dull blue second hand car. As I lifted my head from the steering, it was right back to now, waiting outside my best mate's house. The scent that let me escape, to a valley of the Thai  Dragon hovered heavily around my head. Time to hit the gym Saro. Time to hit the gym.

Thai Dragon Fruit: New Scent from Ambi Pur. Click here for more.


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