10 February 2013

What Men Want!

I thought I'd keep it simple and list it down. Like most things,this doesn't apply to everyone out there, and I hope not to have offended anyone, if I have know that it's me that's doing the 'talking' and it's up to you to do the listening. Of course, comments and opinions are always welcome.

1. I think men like lists, that are worded to the meaning. Throw out the symbolism and the double meanings, just say what you want to say.

2. They want to know that they are attractive. And it isn't enough when just one person (their gf/wife) says it 24/7. In this case, the more opinions, the better! I don't think it's only a man thing though, we all like compliments.

3. A lot of men believe that they only really fall in love once, which is why when they fall in love with a woman, they give her EVERYTHING they can. And when that fails, he believes the worst about ALL women and that becomes THE reason behind everything bad he does in every relationship after. That means, essentially men like to fall in love once, and get the person they love.

4. When they do get the woman that they love, they have an imaginary ideal marriage in their head. And when that fails to mature, they try to make up for the lack, in many creative and some not so creative ways~ Men want happy marriages too.

5. A happy marriage for a man, is at most, living their life the way they did before they got married. Especially true of men out there, who got married, but loved their lives before. The smoother the transition, the happier the man. This generally means, that they still want to have their Friday night drinking sessions or their Saturday morning football sessions. They want to breathe.

6. A man in love, will overhaul the wishes and whims of his friends for the woman that he loves. But what he will always want is that his woman, respects his decision and respects his friends. This goes for his family. Often we women, interpret this us a fight, that we won and we like to gloat. But it wasn't that to him, it was him negotiating his happiness and there's a part of him, that still loves them for still supporting him and helping him when it was needed.

7. Trust and commitment, for a man isn't given away that quickly. When it is, be suspicious. When it isn't know that you've earned it, and you now have the responsibility of upholding it, ensuring there's never a reason that's good enough to break either of the two.

8.  They like their jokes. Always laugh, even if it's not funny. It's like our 'fat' question, they can't ever agree to us being fat, we can't ever agree to their jokes being lame. Any feedback on the joke front will not be appreciated and will hurt his sentiment.

9. When it comes to the people they don't like, rationalize. Most of the time the rift was caused because someone hurt someone. Sometimes your man has already forgiven them and misses them, and just can't get past his ego to talk to them..here, intervene, wisely if you feel that the same is true of this other person too. If not, support him in his hate. Men don't like complicating things remember, so while they're definitely open to hearing you say, "I still want to be friends with XYZ because he hasn't done anything to me,".. they don't necessarily understand your need to pick XYZ over them.

10. This applies to all genders, appreciate in public reprimand in private. Yes, sometimes people do funny things, crazy things that make no sense. Know that it can happen, and when it does, try your best to reign it in and wait till there's a time you have their ears. No point making it a public affair, when there's 'face' involved.

Here's a video you have to watch, it's hilarious and I think he has it right.


Ajay Kontham said...

Hmm... Not all are right, in my Opinion, or atleast for me in this case.

Saro said...

ajay, which one of them are true?

thewhitescape said...

Saro, I was expecting you in my blog, as I've tagged you in an interesting post...the link is http://thewhitescape.wordpress.com/2013/02/10/my-sins-against-gender-stereotypes/

BTW your name is the 1st in the list..:)

Suresh Chandrasekaran said...

Looks like some of those are things that men feel are true of women :) Like 'ideal marriage', 'seeking to know they are loved 24x7' etc. :)Looks like Mars and Venus met each other some time :)

reachpromise said...

The first few points, especially are blatantly wrong!

However, I concede that my mentality may be different.

Oh and yes, this applies only to Indian men, as far as I know.

aliasgarmukhtiar mukhtiar said...

Nice read

Saro said...

But Men, did I nail it or no? Because if I didn't, there's one extra body in the mortuary..ahem ahem.. :D