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Off Products Available in India: Not Tested on Animals- India

A while ago, I turned vegan. It took me three months, to turn myself out of it, but I can safely say, that that experience changed the person in me. It started off with this documentary  and hit me hard. Possibly, owning a dog made a difference, the fact that I know him and have realized that 'they' deserve better.

Anyhow, I've never looked at a piece of chicken the same way. I couldn't keep myself vegan, so I've done the best that I can do, given my shoddy will power. It's not much, but it is something, and honestly, it's not debatable. No camel, elephant rides. No zoos or circuses, wool, leather, feathers or shells. I'm leaving them alone, materially.

And the most recent change has been with cosmetics and toiletries. I was luckier when I started off a couple of months ago, that I am now. The stock of products that I've had, has run out, and where before I was looking for shampoo/conditioner/body wash, I find myself looking for kajal, mascarra and others that have not been tested on animals. I hate to say this but there isn't much information out there, for someone like me, atleast not that I could find on the net, and this is my attempt for those out there, that may be facing the same conundrums.

I'm listing down some products who's personal product statments mention that they do not test on animals. As Tejaswee quotes, I don't want to blind a rabbit for 'beauty'. It's not worth it for me.

Some products to consider:

Avon: has the whole range of cosmetics, bath and body, male & female. I don't really use make up as much, like shimmer and what not. Shampoo/Conditioner/Shower Foam/ Hand/Body Lotion - honestly, they aren't that great. Another pain area is the fact that it generally takes my office Avon Girl a few weeks to get it, not as convenient, say when she's not around or I forget etc.

Oriflame: I remember using some of their products when I was younger. Haven't used any recently, considering this as an alternative, though now I'll have to rely on the Oriflame girl.

Body Shop:  So Body Shop is possibly one of the most well known companies. Also one of the few brands that offer Vegan products (Vegan: to understand Vegan, watch the documentary, no a dictionary meaning will not suffice). While I can't say much about their body wash, I do love the creams & the scents. Again, don't use make up as much, so I'm not too sure on their cosmetic wing. The only problem is, that in 2006, they were bought by L'Oreal, which is one of those brands that does indulge in animal testing. Again, this would be a personal call- I'm saving Body Shop as a final alternative.

Organic Surge: Saw this in the shop near my place. Thinking I'm going to give the brand a shot, given that it's animal testing free.

Biotique: Unfortunately I could'nt find a link for the company, which is odd. But, they've got their statement out on the Facebook page. An old favorite, I stopped using Biotique a while ago, because their products don't always smell all that nice. I suppose, this is one of the easier options :D

Lotus Herbals:  Pleasant surprise, I did not know that this was true of Lotus Herbals. Definitely another of the easier, cheaper alternatives, also read that they have a few vegan lipstick. Now I just need to find the shade I use from Maybeline...

Himalaya as a brand is also a good alternative, For make up there's Chambor. that are also vegetarian/ vegan. This is quite awesome news, the product is on my list of good makeup brands.

And have just realized that I've stumbled onto gold on the PETA website. Free catalogues of brands that are animal free available, put the address in and your own catalogue shall arrive in the mail. Damn.. another necessity: hair colour. I suppose Wella it will have to be, until there's another alternative.

Still Looking for: Deodrants/ Anti- Prespirant Roll Ons- If any of you has suggestions, please drop it as a comment!


Stagg Mann said…
I'm not vegan, but I'm definitely a vegetarian. My food eats only vegetables :D
Maliny, said…
Kudos to you for the decision saro ! I gave eating meat after i came to know the cruel manner they are killed for food . ANd the article is very useful as you have highlighted the products in a detailed manner :)
a Rat said…
nice post. i have read Fa products including deodorants/roll-ons are not tested on animals..
deepti said…
Please remove body shop from this list...else people will buy a great deal from body shop and L'Oréal will benefit... let L'Oréal first stop thier cruelty. ...

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