18 February 2013

Empty Space- A Eulogy to Nothing

Empty space in a coloured photograph. Don't you just love empty space. The possibility of filling it with all the things that are loved and that you love, that stand clear of all the objections and the clutter of isms and ideas, thoughts and conscience.

Oh purge, as you will. Purge all your worries and sins, and your teeth and claws with your weapons and guns. Into this empty space that will welcome all that fills it up. Be aware then as you are now, that everything that you put in there were only crowd it up.

With pollution and pollutants, that do not belong here with us today or ever. So embrace this space, this empty space, for what it is not for what is is not, never will be or hope for it to be anything else but what it is right now, as it stands.


R-A-J said...

Nice thought Saro.. usually its the 'empty' that we miss but is really so full of potential.

Great thought Saro

a Rat said...

good thought, saro. well expressed.