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Blueprint for Change

Blogadda Contest- List out the 5 concerns that you have and the blueprint to fix it.. dream contest. Here are my 5 top concerns.

1.  Bankruptcy Legislation: India has the same host of Banking products and services that a lot of the developed nations have. There are two things lacking in the system though, the option to declare bankruptcy, if someone has just borrowed too much money or irresponsibly given more money than they could afford to pay back by the creditor. The other thing lacking is free financial counselling  either from NGOs or the government, that will allow people to make better financial decisions.

Blueprint: That the Pauper Act of 1905 (I think) be updated and stop talking about the transfer of chicken and instead start talking about real life problems that people who have been affected by things like natural disaster etc, that would affect their ability to pay their debts. In addition to this, it should be mandate that every state have a set number of NGOs or Government funded financial counselors.

2. Waste Management: Just looking around our country, there is rubbish and garbage everywhere. I do not think it should be that hard to manage waste, and we just need to be better at managing it.

Blueprint: Start with education, educating our children on the importance of waste management. Have projects in Biology classes, that teach children how natural waste can be recycled at home into compost that can then be used as fertilizer on the home garden. At a higher level, allow people to opt for packet free products and increase the prices of things that are packaged with non recyclable products. Also offer the citizens concessions if they recycle instead of throwing things away.

3. Taking Care of our Strays: There are enough abandoned dogs on the streets.While none of these dogs may have belonged to anyone, there are countless dogs that look like Labradors or Alsatians on the streets. This suggests that those with pets have let their dogs loose on the street dogs, and impregnated the dogs that have not been vaccinated. Needles to say this is irresponsible and cruel.

Blueprint: One of various things. The fine for beating up an animal on the street or a pet, is Rs100. Change the law and again ,update the POCTA from the 60s to now. In the meanwhile enforce that all pet owners are to register their pets, and this needs to have the vaccination status and things like that reported. Step up the neutering of street dogs to allow them to live full lives without the burden and the noise of establishing whole packs.

4. Dust: The amount of dust in this city is crazy. I always measure the dustiness of the day by checking the colour of the wet tissue when I'm done wiping my face mid day. It's always crazy and always brown, even though I don't use foundation.

Blueprint: Various things. For one plant more trees and return Bangalore to the times when it deserved the name. "Garden City'. All construction that happens on the main roads to be covered, to prevent the movement of dust. Penalize those who are building their homes and use the street as their working space. And lastly, consider cloud seeding as an option to increase the amount of rain and water the place down to decrease the level of dust.

5. Water Conservation: My aunt was telling me just today that the water in her area has been on full flow. She anticipates this will be the case until March, when the elections (I think BWSSB or one of those) will be. Post that,we all know the city is going to go ape-shit till the Monsoons, hopefully arrive. The need today to conserve water cannot be stressed on more.

Blueprint: Simple things. Educate our children on the various ways the other countries in the world save water, like Singapore. Do this via one project that will encourage them to learn and implement. Give concessions to homes that build the water saving roof, sinks that wash all the dishes, buy washing machines that save water... or homes that do not opt to have a bore well. Encourage people to have plants in their homes, and channel funds better to allow the government to buy more water. Send water to everyone's home, but restrict this to a daily prefixed amount. This should include politicians and others that would misuse the system.

This post is a part of Weekend contest at in association with Chanakya's new manifesto


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