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The Hardest Part of Being an Indian

I'm hopping mad today... Just read the comments of the lawyer representing the criminals and OMG.. how freaking daft is this idiot! These men that walk around talking about women, making excuses for themselves.. and now slandering a VICTIM? Forget raping a woman, stop raping our reputation you idiot!
In an interview with Bloomberg, Mr Sharma was quoted as saying the male companion of the murdered 23-year-old was "wholly responsible" for the incident because the unmarried couple should not have been on the streets at night.

"Until today I have not seen a single incident or example of rape with a respected lady," he told the financial newswire.

"Even an underworld don would not like to touch a girl with respect."

Mr Sharma told AFP that he had not been trying to smear the victim.

"I did speak to Bloomberg but did not say anything about the victim," he said.

"I only told them that women are respected in India, they are mothers, sisters, friends, but tell me which country respects a prostitute."

Asked if that meant he regarded the victim as a prostitute, Mr Sharma replied: "No, not at all, but I have to protect my clients and prove that they did not commit this heinous crime."

For the full here.

How could he say that? I do not understand how people can just go around talking shit and heaping shit on themselves like idiots, and think that it's ok to do that. We are making a freaking mockery of ourselves today, by letting baboons like this talk and represent you and me. You don't tarnish an image of a raped victim, you just don't do that. Urggggghhhh..

And in this frustration I think I've realized what the hardest part of being an Indian is. That we are a democracy.. and we can't just rid this country of baboons by sending them over the LOC to Pakistan. Atleast that way, they meet other baboons like themselves!


Anonymous said…
I did not know that; If I had known this incident, I would've written something before you did.

I guess the only thing that one can possibly say, is that he has to defend his clients by profession, which forces him to make such statements.

however, the underlying feeling in our society is that males and females should be separate till they marry, and correspond after that only with their spouse, with the wife sucking up to the husband. No one sees it like some of us do: two parts of a life species... two equal parts.
Saro said…
Defending his clients is what happens in front of judges.. not in front of the general public. What does he think he can achieve by making such comments?

PS> thanks for your visit here!
Stagg Mann said…
Hes just doing his job, although not very good at it. Just a retarded attempt to swing public opinion in favor of his clients. And I'm sure there are people out there who would agree with everything he said.
Jack said…

I feel ashamed at his utterances. He is welcome to do his job of defending his clients in court but not say things like this in interviews. This shows total lack of sensitivity.

Take care
Saro said…
Stagg & Jack: honestly, thanks for your comments. There are men like him and men like you, slither of hope in this shit hole!
Prashanth said…
My first visit to your blog. I also read about this and was kind of shocked to hear it. That's the irony in our country. Every case whether rape or otherwise, gets delayed even after there is proper and clinching evidence against the accused. The more the time accused gets, the more reasons they find to escape.

Hey, btw there are seats available for the HP IndiBlogger meet. Saw your comment there about the non-availability of seats, register now before it gets filled up. Keep blogging, Cheers...:)
Saro said…
Thank you for your visit Prashanth. I missed the the seats again!! Man, I didn't realise that it would be so cut throat.. all I did was sleep and wake up.. :(

And yea, this time factor.. is killing. That's why i thought it was such a tragedy...
R-A-J said…
On one side, I was thinking he's just doing his job but after reading the article, I can understand ur anger.. I can't believe there are such insensitive idiots amongst us..

Nirbhaya's case has exposed how much of male chauvinism n primitive mindset are so ingrained into the system around much so that there are even women who have these regressive attitudes..

very sad state of affair really...
Anonymous said…
He did not make those comments of his own accord. The media always twists; he would have been asked questions, to which he would have been forced to give such answers, considering his position as the defence lawyer.
Saro said…
Hi Raj,

It's crazy!!

Reach Promise,

Disputing the course of events is his job, and he's free to do. I've argued for representation. But making comments without factual evidence is slander, which in itself is a punishable offence.

The questions asked are also in the article :(

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