28 January 2013

Sun Dried Tomato Pesto- Pasta and Crumbed Fish Fillet

In the post from earlier, I mentioned trying to recreate this meal from the Philippines that I'd had in a restaurant over a quickly rushed lunch break. The project began with procuring the herbs required, the sun dried tomatoes and then finally some nice fillets. For this recipe I used a kilo of filleted pomfret. It left the fillet with minimal pin bones, that I left on, because I wasn't up to tweezing them out.

Crumbed Fish Fillet

Grocery List:

Fish fillet: cut to individual pieces (refer to the picture)
2 eggs
200 g breadcrumbs
200 g plain flour
Salt & Pepper to taste
1 lime

To Prepare:

  1. Dry fillet with a paper towel and marinade for 15 mins in juice of 1 lime, salt & pepper
  2. In two separate plates, spread out flour on one, and in the other the bread crumbs. Add egg to a bowl
  3. Coat the fish with flour, dunk in egg and then coat with bread crumbs
  4. Add some olive oil/ sunflower oil to a pan, and when smoky, pan-fry the fish
  5. Fry for 5 mins on one side, and four mins on the other side. Ensure that the fish is a golden brown in colour and crispy
  6. Remove fish and drain out the oil by placing it in more kitchen towel

Tomato Pesto Pasta

Grocery List:

200g of pasta of your choice (Can use spaghetti or spirali)
1 tbsp. olive oil
1/20 lime
3 cloves Garlic
150g sun dried tomato & basil in oil (recipe here) 

To Prepare:

  1. Cook & drain 200g of pasta in salted boiling water and olive oil (or normal oil). Keep aside
  2. Add to a food processor the garlic, tomato & basil (from the can- can leave the oil to use as vinaigrette for salad etc)
  3. Process until tomatoes are tiny pieces
  4. Add pesto to the pasta and roll around!
  5. Now add juice of half a lime and toss it around with the pasta

For Dessert: delicious sweet dessert port wine!


Jay Singh said...

Hi Saro,

That's a delicious looking non veg delight you've got here.
Accompanied by tangy n spicy sauce, this would be a treat to eat. I'm already feeling hungry just thinking about it. :)


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Jack said...


Thanks for both the recipes. I will ask my wife if she can try these.

Take care

Saro said...

Jay: I reckon a spicy tomato salsa would go well with just the fish, and maybe some green salad with lemon and pepper seasoning?

Jack: I think your wife would know food a lot more yummy that this!!

R-A-J said...

Yum ME!! :D

Saro, u shud try ur hand at writing restaurent reviews..

Zomato anyone???


Saro said...

I've put a few on zomato, and I agree, it would be my dream job... Eat for a living!

Anonymous said...

Hello made this tonight. very nice. added some of the oil from tomatoes. went lovely with crumbed local tailor. thanks for the recipe

Saro said...

Anon: I'm glad you enjoyed it! I know I did :)