10 December 2012

Thran- Korean Food in Bangalore- Restaurant Review

We've had a recent influx of Korean restuarants in Kamanahalli and Thran, located right opposite Extreme Sports Bar has been on the hit list for a while now. So when my company wasn't feeling well, and wanted hot and spicy soup to loosen up his nasal passage, we opted to lunch at Thran. It was 3:15 when we arrived there, and the time of closure on their door was 3:00.. and they never made us feel like we were imposing, and welcomed us with a big smile!

As you may be aware, Korean food is generally served accompanied with Banchan. This is various side dishes, in plates accompanied by a pancake or Haemul Pajeon. We'd previously been to Soo Ra Sang in Indira Nagar (Wind Tunnel Road) and it wasn't a surprise this time.

The Banchan consisted of Sookju Namul (Mung Sprout Salad), Kimchi (Pickled Chinese Cabbage with Red chilli pepper), Sausage in Red Chili Pepper sauce, Vegetable Salad and  Gaji Namul (Eggplant Salad). My favorite, without a doubt was the Sookju Namul- fresh, crunch and tangy, this was the best I'd ever had and it got refilled several times when we were there.

What did this cost? It was part of the meal, in Korean tradition :)

Banchan Spread :)

Seafood Ramen
Dish 1: Seafood Ramen (Seafood Noodle Soup)                                                   
Price: Rs 250                                                                                                
Rating: 3.5/ 5                   
What I liked: It must be a crime to order ramen (generally Japanese noodles) but that's what I was in the mood to have. The noodles had generous portions of calamari, shrimp, egg and octopus. It was nice and comforting, and honestly took me back to College when I survived on noodles, and ramen was adding variety ;)                                  
What I didn't like: Not much really. I suppose it was this overwhelming feeling that most of the dish came out of a packet! I will not fault the price though, a packet of imported Ramen costs about Rs 80 and with the seafood and the ambience it's bought at fair value.

Dish 2: Yukgaejang (Spicy Beef Soup) served with a bowl of rice                   
Price: Rs 360                                                                                                  
Rating: 4.5/5            
What I liked: I didn't eat this dish nor really taste it. But what I liked is that in ordering it my companion got what they wanted: something spicy, something that loosened their nasals, something filling and something that they forgot me for! What I didn't like: I think the portion is relatively big. I don't think that this would be a problem for most people, but if you're a small eater, it's better that you split it between two!                                                                                                  
Hyeonemi Cha
What we washed it down with: Korea has a wide range of teas, but my absolute favorite is Hyeonemi Cha (Roasted Rice Tea) I remember drinking it off friends in school, who diligently brought it to school everyday as a replacement for just plain water. Though it didn't really matter then, I suppose it's funny, when in hindsight I remember it all being in those metallic flasks, almost as though it was standard issue!                                                                                     
Extra: Other standouts about this place is the decor. It's just so neatly Korean, with the pretty gold curtains and clean white walls and flower decal. The staff/ owners are also really hospitable, taking care of any questions we had (turn off the fan, can i charge my phone please) with little fuss and a big smile. I would definitely go back here again. Our total bill was a measely Rs 640.. all the more reason to get there!


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Jack said...


Thanks for such useful information. Let me see if I can visit such place here.

Take care

PS : Left comment on previous post also.

Umesh Chandra said...

Nice Post. One of the best place for authentic Andhra food.. They serve what they promise that s pure Andhra style food.. Lot of options as they do serve good Chinese, Mughalai food...With recent renovation the ambience is awesome and pleasing... Highly recommended.
Restaurants in Bangalore