24 December 2012

The Straight Hair Experiment- IMPOSSIBLE

I grew up in a country with a lot of Chinese people. Have you seen their hair? Thick, straight and long.. when they want it long of course. Growing up, this was a big problem for me... and the humidity didn't help either.

So began a quest almost to get my hair straight. I didn't have just one best idea, I had several.

    X To comb my hair through and through when it was wet till it got dry
    X To dry my hair between a heavy book (adapted from the flower pressing method)
    X To tie my hair to something heavy (a bottle of water) till it dried (like how you'd make sure someone drowned)
    X To use hairspray
    X To use an ironing bench because I didn't know about the hair straightener then and people just referred to it as iron your hair
    X To use oil (of course loosing the volume)
    Hair Dryer... except, it took too long in the morning!

      And now having grown up, I've been using a hair straightener to straighten my hair (because re-bonding/ chemical straightening kills volume and I already suffer from a shortage of hair!) I carry it in my bag, and the rain is my worst friend!!!

       This post has been submitted as Sunsilk “Prefect Straight Hair contest” in Indiblogger. 


      Jack said...


      One should be happy with what one naturally has and not interfere with it using chemical agents. Best of luck for the contest.

      Take care

      Saro said...

      Jack.. I know, but it's too late, my straight hair identity has become mee :(