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The Orange Revolution- Bangalore

We met yesterday, on the steps of Town Hall. Ofcourse we expected a larger crowd, and more gusto, but I found that this forum was perfect to have a discussion. I've got this message from one of the organisers of yesterdays vigil as below followed by a seperate post on emergency numbers for Bangalore  (so it can be picked up google search as well) to follow.

A show of solidarity is definitely important to help stop the feeling of helplessness from another's person's plight, but as someone once said, in order to help others we need to first help ourselves.  
From Pradip Bhandari:
Firstly thank you everyone who came out there. It was brilliant interacting with everyone, women voicing their opinions, citizens speaking rather than just protesting. We tried to do something instead of sitting back and saying"kuch naahi ho saakta kuch naahi badalega.."
This is what we came up after discussion during the candle light resolve-
Immediate steps towards: 

 1) Tough laws with the strictest punishment, ammend the law so that there is the fear of law in the minds of the perpetrators of such heinous crimes. A tough law will form the backbone of any further efforts that can be taken by us and the government. Furthermore, an agreement on a non bailable warrant under this case after the crime has been proven in the court of law.

 2) Time bound judgements in fast track courts..we don't want fast track court which takes 15 years for the verdict to come.

3) Urge the parliament of India to have an emergency session -to address the matter immediately, as is allowed in the constituition.

 3) Women being given self defense training -the family should support it ..a lady even agreed to provide free martial arts training to women in Bangalore and has circulated her number

 4) We technocrats of Bangalore come up with some way in which we form a network in which any eve teasing case ,or reported case can be brought to the notice of poeople living in nearby communities that they can help if police or administration reach late -In this way we as citizens will help the police and administration rather than just being a deterring force shouting slogans-"an app in this regard will be welcomed"-already started iin colleges like Ramaiah college in Bangalore

 5) All citizens should be fullly aware of whom to contact ..the emergency contact number of the police ..know their police station in the vicinty, officer in charge ,which officials to contact in terms of crisis.

 6) Certain groups had come forward and a lady suggested on having campaign with the police ..a joint venture with the government in which the police force is made much more educated on how to deal with such sensitive cases -a police should be more of your friend than a bully- I must really appreciate the way police forces conducted themselves at the time of protest

 7) Shouting saab netaa chor does not help -we have send the netas with criminal charges in the parliament and we have send some good politicians there. We've elected them -hence and specially the educated class needs to understand the value of their vote ..elect what you want to see percent has to be increased

 8) The basic mentality of people should change -that girl was lying for half an hour, no one picked her up after the incident nor did they help police ---"aapne andar ki cheez ho sudhaaro -pahale".  In this regard the need of improving the social backwardness through education was stressed -It is a long term step

 9) "Eve teasing" in colleges in Bangalore or anywhere in Bangalore .. to be taken very stictly. If certain things happen, having a group number which could help in people being aware and when caught red handed -handed over to the police.
"Take collective responsibility to ensure that such people when caught red handed are handed over rather then girl feeling helpless that no one is there for her......



Jack said…

As I said in previous post - Change of mindset of our society is needed urgently. Gender discrimination has to go and daughters need to be treated at par with sons by everyone.

Take care

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