26 December 2012

Shave or Crave

It's a cold, dark December night, the sort that gets reported the next day in the news as a cold wave. There are no noises in the dark, except for the silent whimpers from a dimly lit basement and in the distance, the howl of stray dogs welcoming the moon.

He walks towards the light, rolling his feet to minimize any disturbance to the silent night. That way, he could, perhaps get through this night alive.

He moves closer to the window of the basement, and the sight below makes him loose his balance. As he came crashing onto the ground he knew, that he'd be next.


In the basement was a man, tied to the chair. He was by himself now, but he couldn't trick himself into thinking that meant he could do what he wanted to. They were all watching him, he knew that for sure. It'd all begun a short month ago, when his girl friend and him were out for dinner:

She: Darling, this food is fantastic nah. The mushroom soup is really creamy
She: Eeew Baby, you have soup on our beard.
He: Ah I'm wiping it off no. Either ways, I brought you a present.
She: Me too! That's soooo perfect!
He: Ok you go first, what did you get me?
She: It's a book, that your beard inspired me to buy!
He: Oh?
She: It's called Revolting Recipes- see this bit- " Twit's Beard Food - consists of mashed potatoes, hard-boiled eggs, mushrooms cocktail sausages, tinned sardines,  and more!
He: Huh?
She: Mr Twit, from Roald Dahl's The Twits. In the book, he gets food stuck in his beard, and he wouldn't wash it off proper. And what he'd do, when he's having his favorite mug of beer is grab a bite off his beard, literally. Like what happened just now with the soup, that's what I think off when I see you with it!

And it didn't stop there

Later that night she pushed him away when he kissed her, claiming his moustache hair was going into her nose.
And on their next dinner met she told him she'd found him a parlour for men, that specialised in hair removal.
And on their scheduled movie nigh, she kept him watching Home Improvement, comparing Tim and Al- handsome and not
And during Halloween she dressed up as cave women and told him he didn't need a pairing costume, since he already had it on
And then she started getting hairier, suddenly he felt prickles on his face when he kissed her
And when she was cold, she looked porcupine-ish, with her hair standing on its ends
And one day, when he'd had enough he'd told her

And that was yesterday. She'd had enough, and had tried enough. So she brought him to the basement and had him tied up. They were all watching him, waiting for him to crack. For him to ask to be let out, and for him to say he'd comply, he'd shave. For him to crave freedom, to feel good again, to be attractive. And all around him were the instruments he was to use, to be free.

Some of them had told her to give up, to find a man who knew what he had to have and what he had to loose. But she held strong, knowing that his Gillette moment would arrive.

And that's when the women heard a thud.....

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Jack said...


Totally different from others which some other bloggers have written. Best of luck to win.

Take care

Saro said...

yay.. thanks Jack :)