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Screams in your head

Just had another episode with the neighbours, over the dogs. The second one this week. With three stick yielding boys of college going age, who earlier this week claimed that the dogs were disturbing their studying.

Mum and I questioned it (having seen them hitting the dogs with cricket bats earlier), how they had so much time in that case to run around chasing the poor things to hit them. And howcome they were laughing like (trying to avoid swearing) hyenas at the squeal.

Your blood curdles and god, you thank every inch of the patience you were born to practice, to avoid slamming a fist into their face. They stopped it that day, but not today. I got the camera out and took a few pics, nothing inciriminating because I shouted out first. Then came back to the room to read the law of this beautiful land.

The PCA (Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act) 1960, enforces fines of up to Rs 100 (guaranteed to put a HUGE dent in your pocket) or 3 months in jail. Armed with this knowledge I went back out, found one of the boys and told him it was illegal and I had a video of them in action. He looked worried and walked off.

I'm hoping that made a difference, I really do. But what of this  law, another outdated seemingly menial good to have, bunch of words, contributing to another chapter in a Law student's studies, worth nothing.. what of it?

It took me so long to calm down enough to write something here, but the frustration of just being helpless is overwhelming. Why can't we just get our act together in this country?


Jack said…

I admire your courage to take up cudgels for these poor creatures. Here we have a few organisations which shelter stray dogs. If there is any such one there, please do contact them. I will try to find from those here about your place.

Take care

PS : If you have visited me you would know reasons for my late visit here. Please do contact me if you feel comfortable.

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