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Reluctant Shopper at Shoppers Stop

When I was growing up... the formative early teens, I used to have this recurrent dream before any big event. I would star in a game show, where the rules were simple. You had one minute and you grabbed what ever you could get your hands on, and who ever had the highest value of goods in their trolley at the end of the minute got to keep what they'd grabbed.

I kid you not about the adrenaline rush that one could experience when this happened. I also kid you not, about that sinking feeling I'd get when I woke up to realize that sadly, it was just a dream. Needless to say, I always won and got to keep everything I had in my trolley!

That's why this contest is on my blog. Despite the title, that I'm sure a few of you would have related to it, I think everyone is a shopper at heart. We all want luxury, except when it costs money. So this virtual shopping spree has a few rules. 1. I have to pick my absolute favorite, so I cannot have too many clothes. 2. I don't have to look at the prices, because Shoppers Stop as a brand guarantees quality and value for money. I didn't know until this contest, that they have online shopping too, which is fantastic!

So here she goes, dressed up for work during the holidays. Whilst most of us are off to celebrate, I know that that is not true for everyone :) That's why I opted to dress up a corporate working lady, who may or may not have plans for the evening. Here's my outfit, day/evening.. in case she decides

I'll begin with the perfume... there's only one that I own, and have used forever now, for work/evening it has to be DKNY Be Delicious Cherry Blossom. Price at Rs 2420 for 50ml.

And to break it down...

This beautiful dress from Allen Solly is both feminine and strong. The gentle soft colour reminded me of a Japanese kimono dress, and priced at Rs.3499 (with an offer of 25% off if you buy two) it's definitely worth the look!

Matching the shade of the flower print of the dress above, and with a soft satin bow, is this evening shoe (I thought this was work appropriate) from Lemon Pepper. Priced at Rs1499, this shoe has to be the one that one that falls off at midnight at the end of this long work day meets party night!

Sling bags are the in thing, and so is contrasting colours. Working women know that small bags are easy to carry, but it's the bigger ones, sturdy as ever that can be relied upon to get us through the day. That, along with this unique shade of green, that makes the outfit pop is what made this bag from Hidesign stand out from the rest of the herd. An even square price at Rs 4195 and made out of faux leather, definitely a fit in on our celebratory day.

It's winter here in Bangalore but the sun is out in the afternoon in all brightness. For stylish protection, here's a name in the sunglasses industry that needs no introduction, Ray Ban. A definite investment at Rs 7390!


This dragonfly bracelet from Misaki Cultured pearls and the Cocoon Pearl Pendant with sterling silver chain ( chain suggested by the tool on Shoppers Stop) completes the outfit. An absolutely breathtaking pair, I was confident this was the last piece of the puzzle. Priced at Rs 6600Rs 6000 , the pair complete our shopping spree.

And I am aware I ran the bill quite high, especially for my reluctant shopper.. but hey, how often do you get to get a pick from the cream of the crop? Actually, let me answer that, just walk or sign into Shoppers Stop!

This post was written for Indiblogger for the Perfect Festive Look Contest.  


ritesh said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
ritesh said…
Your background is very nice...and the post too is pretty crisp...there's so much to learn from u.
Can u please tell me how do u tag the websites?
Saro said…
Sure, you need to highlight the word that u want the link to go to and click on the link button (next to the images button and paste the link)

And thank you for having a look at the blog! Do visit again :)
ritesh said…
Oh thanks so so so much....This was really helpful...
I always feared that I would die without knowing this secret.
Lipsy said…
oh this is such a fablous outfit set created by you and loved the way you described the dress !

Visit me sometime!
Fashion and Beauty Inside-Out!!
Jack said…

Hope your dream came true some time.

Take care
Anonymous said…
Can you provide me Shoppers Stop Contact Number??

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