29 December 2012

In death you live longer: Amanat

Amanat has passed away. Some are shocked, some are surprised, everyone is sad. The dailies have reported various rapes, in the city, in the country. The debate continues to rage, with hang'ims and actually, just hang'ims.

The people blame the government, the government blames the cops, and the cops say prove it, passing the buck to some independent committee that will find results. These results will talk a dialogue, that no one understands or cares to understand, because we, the people have judged them all to be crooks.

And what of it all? The marches continue, everyone supports her, we all want justice. We march, like Gandhi.. except we don't have a Gandhi in our midst. Was the march successful because it was a march- the Great Salt March of course, or was it successful because Gandhi was there?

Did we pause to think? Do we pause now or do we continue to rage? This week I got wolf whistled twice and this morning there was a throaty whisper of "SUPER FIGURE", very close to my ear by a stranger on the road. I did something extra, I stopped and stared back until he quickened his step. Two weeks ago I held my hand out and stuck out both my middle fingers at a passing car with men shouting some random ape shit.

I highly doubt, that in both cases those individuals found in me, the last victim of their screwed up version of 'entertainment'.  Mind you, both was when I was on my way to work, so NO I was not dressed to outrage my modesty or anyone else's. A passing goat would have been a more lucrative option to tease, in my mind anyways. And it's hard to tell, if they're just being INDIAN or if they'll graduate to molesters some day. Who knows? Have we done a study?

I'm angry, as is everyone. But what of it? I've always tugged at the collar of any friend of mine who thinks he can pass comments. I've derided and argued that gender is a choice, who we are and what we want to be is a choice.. since I knew male from female.

I want to do something, like everyone else out there. We've waxed and waned this week, with protests over the weekend, Christmas during the week and a death at the end of it, followed by a New Year.

But I'll be honest, I don't know what to do. I don't know what to do to make a difference TODAY. But to hold myself together, and say to myself that I will stay informed and inform as best I can. That one day, when there's a Gandhi, a Bose, a Nehru, a Mandela, a Theresa, a Merkel or anyone else with a new name,  I will put my vote there, where it belongs, with a voice of reason.

Till then, I know that we should all thank the life, that left today, for making Rape a crime that is abhorred and make sure that in death, she lives longer in our hearts, minds but more importantly in our Actions. Till then I believe, the time to pause (not hibernate, end or forget) is here.  


Purba said...

The change will happen the day we heap the humiliation, shame, unkind words, for the rapist and not the victim...When every woman refuses to put up with bullshit that she has to put up with nearly everyday of her life...

It has to start with parents giving their daughter wings to fly rather than clipping them...

Noopur Kothari said...

Really we need a change this time...

Jack said...


May God bless her soul with eternal peace. I hope and pray that we all wake up and work for change of society's mindset. We can start with own self first to ensure that we treat girls at par with boys. It is this gender discrimination which makes a boy believe that he is superior.

Take care

Saro said...

It'll change Jack, things will get better..I'm almost sure about it.

@Noopur, thanks for your visit here

@purba: what you said, has already happened. The slander begins with the defence.. I guess it's not due to happen now.. I do hope you and I are both wrong in this regard.