10 July 2012

Roast Chicken- Jamie Oliver

We got a whole heap of different types of chicken over the weekend and the brother and I were tired of ordering food from outside. So I thought, since we constantly buy grilled chicken, I'd try and make the next best thing- that is, some roast chicken. Went online and found heaps of recipes, enough to get confused at the great many things you could do to get roast chicken. After having thought about it enough, I settled on an old favorite- Jamie Oliver.

I remember trying the same recipe out eons ago, and succeeding, some what so I thought I'd give it another shot. Got some chicken... and here's the before and after effect...

Waiting for the semi frozen chicken to dry out

Viola.. done, with more pepper than the recipe required. Though as a warning, it is not at all like grilled chicken (especially the sort that you could get from Empire or etc). This would be proper roast chicken, like the ones you'd find maybe in a salad or a wrap...

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Jack said...


Two posts. The cookies look delicious and am sure must be actually also. No chicken for me.

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