23 July 2012

Afghan- Mourgh- Middle Eastern Meal

Friday evening dinner for the rainy days. Warm Iranian Khaboos, pickled onion and Afghan mourgh  and if that wasn't enough of a culture clash, there was champagne. What do you do sometimes, things just fall into place and well, you get inspired and viola.. end up with a an overall Eastern Asian meal.

We ate it like a wrap almost, with mayonaise, and well, it was smacking good.

The recipes were sourced from various places, and ammended, as usual with little tweaks that I hoped made the taste a little better. As you have it for the Khaboos, Mourgh and for the Pickled Onion, that one's mine.

The recipes are very simple, and there were minor alterations I made with them.

Khaboos: Added sesame seeds to the top of the bread as I was rolling it in, to just give them a different look/feel/taste.

Mourgh: Added green chillies (about 5 small ones) to add to the heat.

Pickled Onion

Not your most expensive, but hey, something!
2 onions, cut into slices
4 limes, juiced, de-seeded

To Prepare

Simple, add the juice to the onions and leave in the fridge for a day or two. Eventually they will turn pink and sour :)


The Solitary Kid said...

Looks Delicious! :)

philip kotler said...

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Saro said...

Thanks TSK.. ps. philip kotler totally loves khoobus!