10 June 2012

Kaffir Lime Leaves- In Bangalore

Want to make Tom Yam, Chicken Rendang, Mojito's with a lemony twist.. can't find Kaffir Lime Leaves?

Good news! Found them in Russel Market, fresh and beautiful. Look for the shop that sells lemon grass, along the vegetable section. Better yet, the fella also has galangal, asparagus, leeks, bok choy, celery.. amongst a host of other things.


Jack said...


Thanks for tips. I think I left comment on previous post but seems to have been lost in space.

Take care

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this info

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info .Will try the fresh green paste I'm sure it will beat the one out of a bottle hands down :)

Bharat Anish said...

Hey, can you tell me which shop in Russell's market ??