06 June 2011


So there's this situation that's been playing in my head for a while. In this drama, in my head, I'm trying to do the following things:

1. Assign Blame
2. Uncover Hidden Motive
3. Judge all agents for frail moralities
4. Tackle the 'Move on demon'
5. Figure out what the right thing to do may be

I'm trying to understand what happened and figure out something that'll make everyone happy.

Here's we go, your dose of tonight's serial.

1. A + B= Couple
2. A-B= Broken up couple1
3. A+C= BFFs
4. A*C= Couple
5. A-C= Broken up couple2

If A+B become A-B and B is the person who does this. Then A+C turns into an A*C relationship that becomes an A-C one, when B returns.

Then answer the questions outlined earlier. Hope you have better luck than me with this one.


neozubair said...

Awesomely creative saro.

Saro said...

welcome back to the blog zubair!!!