15 May 2011

Wella Kolestint- 5/37 Medium Golden Brown

Yet another hair colour product to review.. this time it's the Wella Kolestint Colour Creme. I can't say I've used any Wella products before, so I thought I'd check with the lady from the local parlour to ask her what she thought of the product. Who else better than a hair dresser to answer a question on a hair product. She didn't say anything, instead she pointed at the cabinet which I'd never noticed before, and va va voom.. there she had it.. a whole range of Wella products, ranging from mousse, gels to conditioners. I guess she's a huge fan of the product. Encouraged by such faith, I finally got down to trying this product out.

How I
bought it: I didn't buy it, it got sent to me via mail, although the product is available in Health & Glow and some medical stores

$$$: Rs 519

Having tried Revlon hair colour and L'oreal, I do believe Wella is the first hair colour product that I've used that has a pre-colouration treatment pack. It felt good to apply it, I felt a little less guilty and a little more assured about the potential damage it could cause my hair. The next step was to mix the hair colour, and this was easy easy easy. I had had so much trouble with Revlon before wit the tip that doesn't just open off the developer! Get the cream all over your hair, I waited 40 mins as instructed and washed it off with warm water and cold water towards the end. Then comes the best thing about this product, the beautifully smelling after colour conditioner. And they do not scrouge on the stuff either, providing you with 30 ml of conditioner to be used once after colouring your hair then every 2 weeks post colour. Did I say I love the smell of the conditioner?

What I liked: Apart from the obvious (conditioner!!!) was the overall effect the product had on my hair. My hair felt healthy, bouncy, super shiny and happy. I'm sure that this is not cosmetic, so I'd reckon, if you're the sort that's nervous about getting a hair colour experience, you may want to go for this one. I'm pretty sure, it'll treat your hair better than other products.

What I did not like: Was the colour. I expected there to be more of a golden touch to the colour, meaning a lighter shade of brown with a sparkle. What I got was a darker shade of brown, that was shiny as hell, unfortunately without the sparkle. That's not to say that the product wouldn't suit someone who wants to cover grays, or have a change that's not in your face... And a lot of hair colour fades with a few washes (I'm guessing this wont, given the conditioner), so maybe I'll be a happy chappy after all.


Aashish Sood said...

Well this was such an obviously girlish post so I thought I might not comment on it but I am doing because, frankly, this is the first time I have ever read anyone in my circle to have written a hair colour review!

Saro said...

Ha ha appreciate your honesty aashish! Well honestly, it's surprising to see the traffic product reviews generate :)

Curious to know:Would you try out the product though?

R-A-J said...

Hey Saro , maybe I'm prehistoric but sumone once told me tht even the best color dyes rnt gud fr n hence, I never hv thought of resortin to dyes... Bangalore hard water is changin my hair color to white without the wisdon :)

Saro said...

That's a point, though I do think that some are more dangerous than others :)

Might wanna do the oil and conditioner thing for the water.. though I think it's Bangalore weather and water that's messing it up for you!