04 May 2011

Mung Bean Sprouts @ home!

The past few weeks I've been running into bean sprouts, something that you get everywhere in countries like Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and China.. that strangely enough doesn't make much of an appearance in India, at least not in the form of a root and shoot vegetable.

So there was a eureka moment, where it struck me that I should try and make them myself... that is if it was possible.

And it was... it's soooo simple, that essentially a six year old could do it. Suggestion: this would be a great summer project for children, essentially they'd be growing food for the family :) So through some research on the internet, i figured out what to do. I cheated! I got sprouted mung beans (green beans) from the shops and then did the following:

1. Place the beans into a tall plastic tupperware. It is recommended that a glass jar is used instead of a plastic tupperware.

2. After this it gets fairly simple. Every 8 hours or so, rinse the beans in water and then drain the water out. Cover the tupperware with some cheese cloth, I used one layer of tissue and leave it in the dark.

3. Keep doing this till the sprouts grow like this.

4. De-husk (the husks float on top of the water when the sprouts get submerged in water) and de-root the sprouts (By physically pinching off the roots with your finger), and once done give them a quick rinse in water and you're done. Yes, it is that easy.

The internet is filled with mung sprout recipes.. the simplest one being, just adding some chopped garlic & ginger, letting them fry away in the oil, then adding the sprouts for about 30 seconds on the stove. Then switch off the gas, add sesame oil and cut dried chilli.. this will give you a crunchy vegetable dish that you can eat however you deem fit~


Vinnu said...

Neat ! must try at home now..

Saro said...

You totally have to try this.. after you eat the food tom, i'm sure you will ;)